Pauline has had 2 solo exhibitions to date, specializing in portraits of actors, directors and writers.

All works are oil on board or canvas.

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John Byrne, painter, playwright

File 30-10-2015, 12 42 55

Jo Clifford, playwright


LIz Lochhead, poet

D Grieg

David Greig, writer

IMG 0474

Russell Hunter, actor      SOLD

DSC 0487

Muriel Romanes, director SOLD 

DSC 0671

Bob Dylan Oil on board  COMMISSION

DSC 0478

Maureen Beattie, actor

IMG 0476

Michael Mackenzie, actor      SOLD

IMG 0478

Siobhan Redmond, actor     SOLD


Alison Peebles, actor SOLD

DSC 0494

David  Anderson, actor

DSC 0491

Inspired by L’Absinthe by Degas

Dave m.JPG

David MacLennan, director

DSC 0481

Andy Arnold, director


Cara Kelly, actor and Gerard Mulgrew, director        SOLD

sandy N 2

Sandy Neilson, actor

DSC 0484

Chris Hannan, writer

D Harrower

David Harrower, writer   SOLD

IMG 0479

David Tenant, actor   SOLD

DSC 0480

Inspired by Catcher In The Rye

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